2023 Product Lineup - Popcorn!

Your Home for Scouting Popcorn
and Nuts in Northeast Ohio

For over 34 years, Scouts throughout the Great Trail Council have been selling Popcorn and Nuts to help “fund” their year of Scouting.
Many incredible trips, camp outs, trainings, and adventures have been paid for by this outstanding Popcorn Sale.

Call us today at (330) 773-0415 x 217 or e-mail Shannon.Sinex@Scouting.org for more information about our product sale.

Actual tins may differ from pictured below.

Yellow Popping Corn

America's healthiest snack food in a re-sealable tub! Pops up tender for that fresh popcorn taste you're craving!

Net Wt. 2lbs - $12

Classic Caramel Corn

Glazed to perfection with real butter and brown sugar to create a flavor to remember, with a crunch you can't forget.

Net Wt. 8oz - $12

Butter Microwave 

Take advantage of this convenient way to enjoy the freshly popped taste with a rich butter flavor. 0 grams trans fats!

Net Wt. 37.5oz - $20

Kettle Corn Microwave

Experience the combination of the sweet, yet salty flavor of Kettle Corn anytime. 0 grams of trans fats!

Net Wt. 37.5oz - $20

Cheddar Cheese

Made with real cheddar cheese. Each freshly popped kernel is a savory blend of cheeses that will keep you coming back for more.

New Wt. 7oz - $20

Jalapeno Cheese

The unmistakable zip of jalapeno pepper gives this feisty popcorn flavor its heat. Perfect for those who like their snacks with a little kick.

Net Wt. 7oz - $20

Kettle Corn (Tub)

Experience a tasteful treat, sure to satisfy your sweet and salty craving.

Net Wt. 10oz - $20

Trail Mix

This flavorful treat has roasted peanuts, raisins, butter toasted peanuts, chocolate candies, sunflower seeds, and almonds.

Net Wt. 14oz - $20

Sea Salt Splash

Caramel popcorn dunked in dark fudge and sprinkled with a splash of sea salt. If you have never tried this combination, you don't know what you're missing!

Net Wt. 15oz - $25

Peanut Butter Cup

Two great tastes that taste great together. A melt in your mouth taste combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter.

Net Wt. 15oz - $25

Mud Puddles

A sweet combination of our buttery caramel corn & crushed peanuts coated in rich creamy fudge

Net Wt. 15oz - $25

Caramel with
Sea Salt

Caramel corn with real butter, brown sugar and the perfect amount of sea salt. The crunchy, sweet and salty combination will leave you wanting more.

Net Wt. 15oz - $25

Milk Chocolatey Pretzels

If you like sweet and salty flavors, then you'll love these Chocolatey Pretzels!

Net Wt. 15oz - $25

White Chocolatey Pretzels

Crunchy and delicious, these pretzels are generously covered making these a perfect salty and sweet snack option.

Net Wt. 15oz - $25

Double Butter

Bring the taste of the theater home with this buttery popcorn snack. Each package is bursting with twice the buttery flavor.

Net Wt. 70oz - $30

Classic Trio

Everyone's favorite blend of sweet and savory, a snack you won't be able to put down. Mix them together for a Chicago style treat, or enjoy them individually. Caramel Corn, Cheddar Cheese, Natural.

Net Wt. 19oz - $35

Cheese Lovers

Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! A combination that willy satisfy any cheese lover's appetite. Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno Cheese, Buffalo Ranch, White Cheddar.

Net Wt. 20oz - $45

Chocolate Lovers

Our Chocolate Lover's tin features 5 sweet treats that you can't resist! Milk Chocolaty Pretzels, White Chocolaty Pretzels, White Ruby, Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Rain.

Net Wt. 55oz - $55

Military Donation

Send the gift of popcorn to our
military men and women.


2023 Product Lineup - Whitley's Nuts!

Honey Cinnamon Almonds

Our large whole almonds are bathed in honey, then generously dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

Net Wt. 13oz - $30

Jumbo Salted Cashews

These crisp, crunchy Jumbo Cashews are extra large, plump, meaty and roasted to perfection to bring out their delicious flavor.

Net Wt. 12oz - $30

Honey Roasted Peanuts

Unlike others that use artificial flavors, our large Honey Roasted Virginia Peanuts are actually made with honey, sweet sugar, and a dash of salt.

Net Wt. 20oz - $30

Salted Virginia Peanuts

The famous "Home Cooked" Virginia Peanut! Crunchy, fresh and distinctive. One bite and you'll taste why these peanuts are our most popular selection.

Net Wt. 20oz - $25

Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters

Light salted almonds coated in our rich dark chocolatey coating to create the perfect cluster

Net Wt. 10oz - $25

Milk Chocolatey Peanut Clusters

We hand dip our "Home Cooked" Virginia Peanuts in a rich milk chocolaty coating to form a melt-in-your-mouth cluster.

Net Wt. 10oz - $20

Dark Chocolate Peanut Clusters

We hand dip our "Home Cooked" Virginia Peanuts in a rich dark chocolate coating to form a melt in your mouth cluster.

Net Wt. 10oz - $20

Homemade Peanut Brittle

Our famous "Homemade" Peanut Brittle combines crunchy farm fresh Virginia peanuts with sweet, crunchy brittle for a marriage made in heaven.

Net Wt. 10oz - $20